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  1. Aurora A+ Storage

    5.0 of 5 stars

    1 Review

    1660 South Abilene Street Aurora, CO 80012
    2.9 miles away

    • 5 ' x 5' Unit
      50% off for the first two full months with six month lease agreement
    • 5 ' x 10' Unit
      50% off for the first two full months with six month lease agreement
    • 10 ' x 10' Unit
      50% off for the first two full months with six month lease agreement
    Aurora A+ Storage

    5.0 of 5 stars

    1 Review

    Aurora A+ Storage

    1660 South Abilene Street Aurora, CO 80012

    Starting at $49.00

    2.9 miles away


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How a Self Storage Unit Became a Grand Concert Hall

     The screeching sound had been grating away at Jenny’s nerves for the past hour. The basement did nothing to contain the sound and it could be heard in every nook and cranny of their large century home. Jenny was doing her best to ignore it, but at last she would have to tell Trish to stop. At that moment, she heard the front door slam. The noise stopped, and Trish could be heard banging around in the basement. At any moment she’d be rushing upstairs to greet her father. “Is it safe?” Justin asked jokingly. Jenny gave him a wry look. “Justin,” I can’t take this sound any longer! Isn’t there somewhere else she could practice?”

Justin laughed, “Actually I do have a place in mind. You know the storage facility right next to my office. Bill Johnson owns it and he says it is the best self storage facility in all of Aurora Colorado.  Soundproofed walls and all. I got us a heated storage unit. It’ll be perfect. She can practise after school on evenings that I’m working.” As Justin had been explaining, Jenny’s expression had changed from one of despair to relief.

As soon as Justin had finished, their thirteen-year-old daughter ran up the stairs and flung herself at her father. “Dad, you’ll never guess what I’ve been doing all morning,” Trish said excitedly. Justin winked at Jenny and said, “Hmm, could it be something to do with a violin?” Trish’s face lit up. “Yes, it does. I’ve been playing for Mom all morning.” “Well, isn’t that wonderful,” Justin, said chuckling at Jenny’s expression. “I actually have a great idea about your violin.” Putting his arm around her eager daughter’s shoulders he led her into the kitchen to tell her his idea.

The next day, after school, Justin drove his daughter to the self storage facility. The owner, Bill, was a long-time family friend of Justin and Jenny. Bill set Trish up with a chair, and let her know that he was just in the office with a fridge full of snacks and drinks should she need anything. His wife, Sarah managed the storage office and treated Trish like a granddaughter. Bill had never rented a storage unit as a practice room before but judging from the strange screeching sounds that he heard when peeking in one time, he figured it was as good an idea as any.

All throughout the year, Trish practised in the storage unit. She made some good friends with some other girls who played violin, and the storage unit became their meeting place to practise and hang out. Justin bought them a fridge to keep in the storage unit so that they wouldn’t have to trek out to the storage office in winter. Trish claimed that she was gradually getting better, but she kept her playing as a secret from her parents – protesting that they would have to wait until the end of the year concert.

The week of the concert rolled around and Trish’s parents were in for a double-surprise. Not only would their daughter be doing a soloist part, but also the actual violin concert was to be held in the storage unit itself. Trish’s teacher had heard about the unusual practice room, and upon visiting it with Trish one day, had determined that it had better acoustics than the classroom where the concert was originally supposed to be held. The school had been arguing for a proper music room for ages but the budget just couldn’t fit it in this year. It was promised for next year.

The night of the concert rolled around and Justin and Jenny made their way to the unusual concert room. When they walked in, the storage unit was packed, with parents and children galore – all of them intrigued by the storage concert room itself. Bill and Sarah had of course been invited to the concert, and had honorary chairs at the front next to Trish’s parents. The concert began. A chorus of violins – beautiful sounds that wound their way around the storage unit, and up the walls and back down onto the players. It sounded beautiful.

When the time came for Trish’s solo, she didn’t hesitate one bit. After all, this strange storage concert hall had become like a second home. The song she played was so beautiful that afterwards there was just a hush, a silence coated with appreciation. Then a shout from the front- “Encore!” cried Bill. “Encore!” The violins struck up a merry tune and people began to clap. The whole night long, sounds of music, laughter, and clapping were heard coming out of the storage unit door. It was certainly a night to be remembered and Jenny couldn’t help but be thankful, as she looked back to that day that Justin had proposed the storage practice room idea. It had certainly paid off! She smiled at her husband and daughter, at Bill and Sarah, and the crowd of music-lovers around her. She would tell this story to Trish’s kids someday. Yes, she certainly would.

This story was inspired by the people we know, the stories we've heard, and the things that are most important in our lives.

For those of you who learned to play the violin, who had family members pursuing it – I’m sure you can certainly relate to this story. Hopefully you too were able to find a successful practise room – perhaps not a storage unit, but something just as grand.

Thanks for reading,
-  The Find Storage Fast Team